Child Friendly Dog Breeds that don’t Shed (much)

child friendly dog breeds that don't shed
child friendly dog breeds that don't shed

So, you’ve decided to invest in a furry family friend and get a dog or puppy? The question is, which is the right breed for you? Family life and keeping the house tidy can be stressful and difficult to keep on top of. If so, you may want to get a dog breed that is both perfect for family life and also that doesn’t shed too much fur to make life slightly easier! So here is our list of best child friendly dog breeds that don’t shed (much)!

So, to make the process of choosing your new pup easier, it is important to research each breed carefully. However, it’s always important to remember that, like humans, every dog is different. Some may react better to the family environment and children than others. This is why it’s always best to ask your vet which dog breed may be best suited to your specific home.


Poodles have long been a family favourite! They’re both cute with tight ringlet curls and have a generally happy and playful demeanour. These qualities make them a popular choice for families with children to have an energetic playmate.

A huge advantage of these dogs is that they’re part of the waterdog group of dog breeds. This group characteristically don’t shed fur making it easy to clean up around them with little effort. However, the one downside to this useful trait is that this breed requires a lot of grooming to keep their coat in good condition so regular brushing is recommended. Despite  the low clean up, this may be where you have to put in slightly more effort in keeping a poodle! Even with slightly more grooming, their medium size makes them ideal house pets. Their low tendency to drool is also an added bonus for keeping floors tidy!

child friendly dog breeds that don't shed

Bichon Frise

If you’re looking for a small ball of fluff which is both adorable and an ideal playmate, but that won’t shed all over your carpet, then look no further than the Bichon Frise! These tiny dogs have bundles of energy so are great for energetic kids to play with. They are also have the appeal of being among few breeds that are both fluffy but do not shed too much fur. The one down side of this is similar to that of the poodle. This is that they require slightly more grooming than other dogs to keep their coat healthy!

These small dogs are extremely affectionate so great for family life. They have a low tendency to bark which make them great for apartments and homes close to neighbors too! No doubt these dogs are one of the most popular child friendly dog breeds that don’t shed much fur!

child friendly dog breeds that don't shed

Portuguese Water Dog

This medium sized dog has proved ideal for family life. Their friendly nature and very low shedding coat mean that they are the perfect addition to families who don’t want to spent ages picking up fur! Similar to other low shedding breeds, they require a certain amount of grooming. This can either be done at home or by a professional groomers to keep their coat healthy. 

These adorable curly dogs are not only cute and loving, but their high intelligence makes them easy to train. These quick learners mean that they are low maintenance in terms of the time required to train them. You’re sure to find this trait perfect for a hectic family life!

Portuguese water dogs are extremely energetic and playful. This makes them the perfect playmate for kids, but also require plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They have a medium tendency to bark but with a little training, this breed will no doubt win your heart!

child friendly dog breeds that don't shed

Poodle Mixed Breeds

Poodle mixed breeds have recently become a hugely popular family dog. WIth such a variety, these generally small dogs can all look completely different. You can have the choice of Labradoodles, Cockerdoodles and so many more!

Generally, you can see these breeds having the benefits of their poodle side where they shed little to no fur. This can be coupled with the temperament of the happy go lucky poodle and fun loving Labrador or energetic Cocker Spaniel! This means you can often find the mix perfect for your family.

It’s always important to remember with poodle mixed breeds that the temperament and how much they shed will rely on the ratio of each breed your pup happens to get. If they have a little more Labrador than Poodle, prepare for slightly more fur shedding. As always, every dog is different and no traits are 100% guaranteed, especially with mixed breeds.

child friendly dog breeds that don't shed

Shih Tzu

While this breed can shed slightly more than the others on the list, they are certainly not a badly shedding breed! This means that cleanup of fur after these dogs is still pretty manageable. 

There are also lots of perks of having this breed. They were bred purely to be loving companions and do well living in smaller houses or apartments. Your family will love these little dogs as they are friendly with their family, children and generally other dogs too!

If you’re worried about training this breed if you’re a first time owner, don’t worry! This breed is intelligent and fairly easy to train and also have a very low tendency to bark or whine. 

They don’t have a highest energy level and exercise requirements which may help with hectic family life. All dogs need a certain amount of exercise, but a regular amount should keep these lovable dogs happy! But don’t worry, if your kids are looking for a fun playmate, these pups are still incredibly playful so great fun to have around!

Boston Terrier

Nicknamed the ‘American Gentlemen’ for their markings, Boston Terriers live up to this gentle and friendly demeanor. This loving breed is the ideal companion for children, being playful and energetic while very affectionate. Unlike other breeds with a very low level of shedding, these dogs are incredibly easy to groom. This makes them very easy to keep with low maintenance grooming requirements while not leaving fur all over your house! 

Their intelligence makes them fast learners so with a little training, they can be obedient and well behaved family dogs. They do however have an average tendency to bark and howl. So a little training might be required to control this too! Despite this, Boston Terriers are well deserving of their place on this list of child friendly dog breeds that don’t shed (much)!


This small, adorable breed will love nothing more that to be a close companion to you. Sensitive and attentive, the Maltese is not a fan of being alone. But if you give them chance, they will be the perfect pup for your family to play with and love.

These tiny dogs have the perk of not drooling very much and naturally loving to please their owners! Like some of the other breeds, these dogs shed very little fur also. However, this does mean that they need quite a lot of grooming attention to keep their coat healthy and also looking good! 

One of the characteristic traits of the Maltese is that they simply love company. This can mean that they are prone to barking and whining if left alone for too long or without enough exercise, so make sure you can meet these requirements to keep them happy, along with training from an early age! However, if you’ll allow them to, these pups will make perfect and attentive companions who will love to be involved in everything you do!


These tiny dogs have proven a popular choice among families for decades. It is not just their adorable appearance that makes them so lovable. Their high energy and small size make them perfect playmates for children, while also allowing them to thrive in apartments and smaller homes!

They are reasonably low shedders and grooming is not difficult with this breed, making them an easy dog to keep. However, Dachshunds do have a tendency to bark and howl, meaning training is needed if you don’t want to disturb the neighbours too much!

While also a good breed for novice owners, these dogs are not the easiest the train. They have high intelligence but can mean they are independent and often have their own ideas about the rules they should follow! Being scent dogs with a high prey-drive, there are lots of games tailored to this type of breed to help with training. Make sure to check out our best games for dogs with a high prey drive and best games for dogs who love to dig!

Despite this, Dachshunds are extremely loyal to their owner and will love to spend time with them. Their loving and playful personalities make them idea family dogs, with the added perk of them not shedding too much fur!

Final Thoughts

Family life can be extremely full-on and maintaining a tidy house with kids can be difficult enough! But don’t let this put you off getting a dog if you think a new pup might be the perfect addition to your family. There are plenty of dog breeds that don’t shed too much fur and are also known for being good for family life. Just find the one that best suits your lifestyle!

If this is what you’re after, then one of these child friendly dog breeds that don’t shed (much) might be your ideal choice!

When you choose your perfect breed, don’t forget to check out our list of what to take when you pick up your new puppy!

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