Do German Shepards Bark a lot? The Ultimate Guide

It is no surprise that German Shepards are an incredibly popular breed of dog and why many people might consider them as their first pet. However, you might worry about how much noise they might make if you’re thinking of investing in this breed as your next furry friend! If this is the case, or if you’re just curious to know more information generally about this breed, keep reading to find out more about how much a German Shepard might bark!

The amount different people may consider this feature when looking for a new dog breed may depend of their living situation or if their lifestyle fits a dogs specific requirements such as time spent with them to prevent them from becoming bored. People with close neighbours who may complain about noise may need to carefully consider what would be the right dog for them. Just remember, every dog is different and no characteristics are guaranteed as they very between dog to dog!

Do German Shepards Bark a lot?

German Shepards have a reasonably high tendency to bark and are classed as a vocal dog breed. This can vary considerably between individual dogs as no two dogs are the same! German Shepards are a very loyal, intelligent and energetic breed which can become bored if not entertained or if left alone for too long. This can influence the amount you see German Shepards bark!

German Shepard Fact File

When thinking about how much breeds like German Shepards bark, it is important to consider some of their key characteristics which might contribute to this. Consider these if you are worried about the level of barking you are likely to experience from a German Shepard!

Highly intelligent- can be great at following instructions and new commands. This has historically gained them the reputation of being great working dogs and they are considered relatively easy to train.

High energy requirements- these dogs are incredibly energetic and playful, meaning they have high exercise requirements! Make sure that they are getting enough exercise to keep them happy and that they have plenty of ways to get rid of some of this energy! Just make sure never to over or under-exercise your dog and speak to a vet if you are wondering how much exercise your dog should be getting.

Like company/ don’t like being left alone for long- this breed can become anxious or bored when left alone for too long meaning they like plenty of company and time dedicated to them! Make sure you can provide this if you are thinking of getting a German Shepard and never leave any dog alone for too long. Ask your vet for advice on how long you are able to leave your dog alone.

Can be nervous of new people or strangers- some individuals of this breed have been known to bark at strangers and be nervous in their presence. This could influence barking behaviour in your dog.

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Why should you consider how much your dog might bark?

To some people, having a dog that has the tendency to bark a lot isn’t a problem at all. Althogh, make sure you take note of any behaviour in your dog which may signal a problem and always speak to a vet if you notice any worrying or unusual behaviour or habits.

However, if you are considering getting a new dog, you might be concerned with how much noise they are likely to make due to where you live for example. If you have close neighbours who are likely to hear any loud noises your dog makes, you might want to think carefully about how much noise your future pup has the tendency to make! The last thing you want is to have annoyed neighbours knocking on your door to complain about the noise coming from your home!

What can you do about it?

Find the source of the problem:

One of the best things you can do when faced with a behaviour problem with your dog is to find the reason behind it.This could be by talking to your vet to discuss the behaviour where they could offer you more information. Speak to a vet if you notice any unusual or worrying behaviour in your dog.

Finding the cause of the behaviour such as boredom, loneliness or nervousness to strangers can help you to solve the issue quickly and make sure your dog is happy! You could consider speaking to an experienced, professional dog trainer about the problem to get their opinion. As an owner, knowing and understanding your specific dog can help to notify you of changes in behaviour or when or what they seem to bark at. This could also help you and your vet or trainer to identify the problem!

Final Thoughts

Barking can be an important thing to think about if you are considering a new dog of any breed. This can be influenced by where you live for example and can vary between dog breeds as well as individual dogs. Remember, every individual dog is different and not all of their characteristics will be the same! If your dog does seem to have a barking problem, speak to a vet to get to the bottom of why this is.

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