How to Keep a Boarder Collie Entertained

Boarder Collies are fantastic all-round dogs and there are so many things to love about them. If you own one, or are thinking of getting a Collie, you’ll know that they are energetic and fun-loving as well as affectionate, making them popular as working dogs and as loyal companions too. But you’ll also know how important it is to keep them entertained with their bundles of energy and impressive intelligence! That’s why we’ve created this list of things to think about to keep your Boarder Collie entertained!

Things to Consider

Important things to consider when trying to keep your Boarder Collie entertained:

  • Understand the breed and their needs
  •  Find games and toys which challenge their occupy their highly active brains
  • Find activities where they can release their energy
  • Make sure they’re getting enough walks and exercise 
  • Give them things to do when you’re not home such as toys and games
  • Make it fun for you too!

Games for their Intelligence

If it’s one characteristic of Boarder Collies which makes them stand out, its their impressive intelligence! Most people know that this breed stands out due to their high brain power which makes them effective working dogs with their keen ability to follow commands and new instructions. 

However, this intelligence means they can need much more mental stimulation than some other breeds to keep them happy and entertained. So if you have a Collie already or are thinking of getting one, check out these great ways of keeping your Boarder Collie mentally stimulated and entertained!

Hide and Seek

This is a great classic game that is lots of fun for both you and your dog! It will provide them the challenge of finding you in your house and garden, using both their nose and their brainpower with you as the prize! Make sure to give them lots of praise when they do find you so they know they’re getting it right, and this will also make them even more eager to find you in the future! With a bit of practice, this could easily become both of your favourite games and be a great bonding experience while keeping your dog entertained!

How to play:

  •  Decide where to play and tell your dog to sit and stay. This can sometimes be easier with someone else to hold them back while you go and hide!
  • Find a good place to hide. Keep mixing up your hiding spots too to keep the game interesting and challenging them.
  • Call your dog or tell the other person to release them. They should start searching for you but you can always keep calling them every now and then to give them clues!
  • Give the praise! When they find you, reward them with lots of praise so they know they’ve done the right thing!

Hide the Treats

This is similar to hide and seek, except instead of you hiding, you can hide a number of treats wherever you are and let them have fun finding them all! 

How to play:

  • Find the area you want to play the game in. Make sure the area isn’t too big so it’s too difficult for them but also not too small so its too easy!
  • Tell your dog to sit and stay where they can’t see you hiding the treats. It might be easier again to have someone else there to hold them back so they don’t simply wonder in after you and see the hiding places!
  • Hide a number of different treats around the area. Make sure the treats are either smell strongly enough or are large enough so that they can be found! 
  • Call your dog and release them to start searching the area for treats! Make sure you also give them lots of praise so they know they did the right things as well as letting them have the tasty treat!

Teach them Something New

What makes Boarder Collies amazing working dogs if their ability to learn new skills easily and retain their new tricks or commands. Collies also love to know that they’ve got a new command correct by you giving them lots of praise as a reward. 

Because of this very helpful trait, a great way of keeping your Boarder Collie entertained is to teach them something new! This could be any new trick that they haven’t already mastered and by keeping adding to the number of commands they know and practicing these, they will be a great way of mentally stimulating them!

Name the Toy

With the Boarder Collie’s amazing intelligence is also their impressive memory and ability to recognise already known or new words. Boarder Collies in particular have the potential to recognise and remember a number of words and associate them with specific toys and even use the process of elimination when introduced to a new word in some cases!

How to play:

  •  Start with a small number of toys, just one or two to start. Give them different and distinct sounding names.
  • Say one of the names clearly, showing them the toy it relates to, and then give them the toy. Repeat this for the second toy and repeat showing them each toy in turn while clearly saying the name.
  • Place both of the toys on the floor in front of them. Say one of the toy names clearly and see if they can recognise the toy you are asking them for.
  • When they bring you the correct toy, reward them with plenty of praise to let them know they got it right which will reinforce the correct name of the toy.
  • When they have mastered two toys, add more toys one at a time and keep practicing! Before long they will know a number of different toys and be able to find the right one even in a pile of others!

Games for their Energy

Along with their amazing intelligence and problem solving skills are their bundles of energy. This trait has also contributed to their reputation as great working dogs, but can also mean that as an owner you need to make sure they have a release for all this energy.

Make sure not to overexercise your dog!

Fetch (the well known classic)

If your dog likes and responds well to fetch, this classic game can be a great way and letting your Boarder Collie let off some of that energy!

How to play:

  •  Find their favourite toy or a ball works well
  • Find a large enough but safe and secure area where they can run and where you won’t lose their toy!
  • Throw the toy away from you and let them chase it!
  • Call them to indicate that they should bring it back to you and make sure to give them lots of praise when they do to let them know they’ve done the right thing!

Agility courses

Agility courses can be great fun for you and dog and you can really let your creative juices flow! This can be as simple of using everyday objects to create a small agility course in your garden and coaxing your dog using a treat to overcome the obstacles. You can keep changing this up to keep it interesting and your Boarder Collie will love to learn new routes! Just make sure you don’t make it too difficult for them and make sure they won’t get injured when playing these and any games.

Walks and Exercise

It is always very important to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise regardless of their breed. For the energetic Boarder Collie, making sure they are releasing that energy through walks and exercise is incredibly important for their well-being. 

Make sure not to overexercise your dog.

high prey drive dog games

When You're not Home

The most important time to make sure your dog is amused is when you’re not home. Therefore, you need some toys which can keep them occupied without the need for you to be there to play the game with them or a way for them not to be on their own for too long.

Always make sure you’re not leaving your dog alone for too long.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a great way of keeping your dog amused when you’re not home which is especially important for dogs with a high intelligence like the Boarder Collie!

These can include treat dispensing toys where your pup has to figure out how to get the treat out. These are a really popular way of keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated at the same time by improving their puzzle solving skills! These toys come in huge varieties and you’ll soon find out which is your dog’s favourite!

Someone to Take them for Walks

A great way of making sure your dog is able to get rid of some of that energy while you’re not home is by asking someone to come and let them out or take them for a walk! This can be a family member or friend or neighbor that you trust if anyone is willing to help out. Alternatively, there are plenty of dog walking businesses that you can employ to regularly come and make sure your pup is entertained and has some exercise!

Make it Fun for You too!

While all these techniques are great ways of keeping your Boarder Collie entertained, it is also a great way of bonding with your dog! Try to make the games great fun for both of you so you both enjoy playing them often and spending time together. Most dogs will love your company and attention and a strong bond between you will be rewarding for you both! So make sure you are both having a great time and you’ll love playing all these games together!

Final Thoughts

Whether you already own a lovable Boarder Collie or are thinking of getting one, it is important to know exactly how to keep them entertained and happy with their high intelligence and energy! For these reasons, it is important to know some ways of keeping your Boarder Collie entertained!

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