Keeping your House Clean with a Dog that Sheds

dogs that shed

If you have a dog that sheds (as most of them do!) or are thinking of getting one, you might be worried about ways of keeping your house clean and tidy with all that fur! Don’t be put off from getting these fluffy and lovable pups. There are plenty of ways for keeping your house clean with a dog that sheds!

This can range from keeping the fur from dispersing around your floors in the first place by regularly brushing and washing your dog, to keeping fur levels low once they do reach your floors! Keep reading for a simple guide to keeping your house clean with a dog that sheds, because they’re absolutely worth the extra effort!

If your dog is excessively shedding or shedding more than normal, speak to your vet.

The Best Vacuums for a Dog that Sheds

This is arguably your most valuable tool if you happen to have a dog that sheds a lot of fur! Your vacuum cleaner is probably your best friend if you already have a dog. They make sure you can keep on top of the fur in your house and are probably the easiest and most effective way of picking up dog hair. But is it as simple as buying any old vacuum cleaner? Especially for dog hair, you need to make sure you’re buying the right one! Otherwise you might find that you can’t get to hard to reach places where hair might accumulate, or it might not even be able to pick it up at all!

When looking for the right vacuum for your pet and house, make sure you consider these things first:

Vacuums designed for dog fur

This is why it is important to get the right vacuum cleaner for your household, and for your pup that’s in it! You need to make sure first and foremost that your vacuum can pick up pet fur. Some vacuums are especially good at this and are advertised  for this feature. So before investing in any old vacuum, make sure to go for one that is particularly good at this that can make sure that you can keep a house clean with a dog that sheds! This means that you won’t spend a long time vacuuming, only to realise that most of the fur has still been left in the carpet!

Consider Different Floor Types

Some vacuums are also particularly good at transitioning easily from different floor types. This means that they’ll be able to pick up fur effectively on both carpet and hard floors with little effort. And as all dog owners know, fur will get everywhere in your house!

Applications are Important

Having vacuum applications that mean you can reach difficult to reach places where fur is most likely to accumulate is also really important in a house with a dog that sheds! Long brushes can help to reach underneath furniture which you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. Make sure not to neglect these areas when you’re doing your house clean! Fur can easily accumulate here and float back out at any time to cover your clean carpet once again!

Is it Better to go Automatic?

Automatic vacuum cleaners can also be extremely useful if you’re trying to keep on top of constant dog fur. These provide you the luxury of not having to vacuum everywhere yourself, they do so automatically! If dog hair is a persistent problem and it seems like it won’t stop covering your carpet, these handy vacuums can make the job much easier for you!

Lint Rollers for Dog Fur

These handy tools are an absolute must for any dog owner, and especially with a dog that sheds! These are often compact and easy to carry or just have around the house and can make quick work of removing dog hair from surfaces. Lint rollers make it easy to pick up dog fur from a range of fabrics. All you have to do is roll the sticky surface of the roller over your clothes for example and watch the fur get picked up almost straight away!

These will need replacing every now and then depending on just how much you’re using it and how much fur there is to contend with! However, these can become your go-to tool for quick dog fur removals before you go out! Getting hair off your clothes early can also prevent you from carrying it around the house and it getting left on the floor elsewhere! It will also keep your clothes tidy and presentable, especially if you’re going out.

Brush them regularly!

When trying to keep your house clean with a dog that sheds, brushing them regularly is key! This will remove excess hair before it can drop onto your floor or become embedded in furniture and carpets. 

As well as helping to keep your house clean and tidy, most dogs love this! Try to get them used to grooming early on and make it as enjoyable for them as possible.Different breeds will need different tools and techniques when it comes to grooming remember. Never be too rough when you brush your dog and ask a vet how to properly groom your specific dog, and how often they should be groomed. However, if done right and from an early age, this can be a great chance to bond with your pup!

If possible, try to brush your dog outdoors. This will reduce the fluffy mess inside your house which would only lead to more cleaning up anyway! I even noticed that birds loved picking up my dog’s soft fur whenever I brushed her outside.

Bath Them Regularly

Bathing your dog can be a great way to keep on top of their shedding by removing loose fur. This reduces the amount of fur ending up on your floor by getting to it first! Make sure to use a dog friendly shampoo and brush them beforehand to remove any loose fur first. Along with brushing, this should help to limit the amount of fur reaching your floors and keep the cleaning manageable!

Choose your furniture and materials with care

Unfortunately, dog hair can cling to some furniture like a magnet! Furniture in particular can be very difficult to keep on top of where dog fur is concerned. That’s why it is ideal to try and choose your furniture materials very carefully if you’re thinking of getting a new pup! Some think that this is only a problem if you allow your dog onto the sofa with you, but that isn’t always the case. Fur can drift up or get carried on your own clothes onto sofas and other furniture too! But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news!

Choosing the right materials can help you to keep on top of pet hair and not let it cling to your furniture quite as much. Leather or tightly woven fabrics are better at not allowing fur to cling to them. Choosing sofas and cushions which are a similar colour to your dog can also help to hide any fur that does happen to land on them!

Stay on Top of Things

This is something we all try to do. But it can easily become difficult and the task begin to snowball! Next thing you know, your carpet it coated in fur and the job seems even bigger. The best thing you can do in order to keep your house clean with a dog that sheds is to keep on top of it as much as possible! This is much easier for some than it is for others. But cleaning a little bit every day can really help to stay on top of any dog hair and make it not that noticeable at all!

The best thing I’ve always found for keeping on top of these things is routine. This is especially important if your dog shed all year round. This routine will absolutely kelp to keep on top of things, so much so

Get some Help with Cleaning Up

Staying on top of keeping your house clean with a dog that sheds yourself can be a tough task. This gets even more difficult if you happen to have more than one dog, or they just shed more than most! That’s where it could help to have a second pair on hands to help you keep on top of things. Granted, this will cost you some money for a professional cleaner so this option isn’t for everyone. But if you feel like this option could be for you, check out any local cleaning services in your area to lend a hand! Just make sure they’re aware that you have a dog before they arrive! 

Final Thoughts

It can seem like an overwhelming task to keep on top of dog hair when your days are already so busy, especially with a dog that sheds! But I know from experience that simple things like bathing and brushing them regularly  can make a huge difference and leave much less to clean up in your carpets. Each breed and individual dog is different, so try to find them best brush for them and their fur. But the top tip for if you want a dog that sheds as well as a tidy house I think has to be a good vacuum, it’ll become your number one tool and best friend for keeping on top of things! 

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