The Easiest Large Dog Breeds to Train

While all dog breeds can be trained and trained well, some breeds are naturally easier to train than others. Most people want a dog that will be well behaved. This doesn’t happen straight away, and will require some training for them to get it right! However, a dog’s ability to learn can be dependent on their breed. If this is something you want in a new dog, check out this list of the easiest large dog breeds to train!

Like many people, you may dream of one day owning a big dog. If your lifestyle permits it, these dogs can be incredibly affectionate and loyal and can even make great family dogs. There are so many great qualities of big dog breeds, it’s not difficult to understand why they are so popular and loved! 

However, some large dogs can be intimidating, especially to new owners. For some people, this is because of the apprehension at being able to train them properly. If this sounds like you, check out this list of the easiest large dog breeds to train!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers will always be a family favourite. They keep their puppy-like nature all through their lives. This means they are known mostly for their generally happy and friendly demeanor, making them a popular choice. 

However, these dog breeds can also grow to be rather large dogs. They are common choices for not only being good family dogs and energetic to play with, they are great for people that are looking for a larger dog! While they are fluffy and boisterous, this also means that they can be very strong. Luckily, these are one of the easiest bog dogs to train!

Unlike other breeds, it may not be their intelligence alone that gives them this trait. Some consider that they are not the most intelligent of all of the dog breeds in fact. However, this is hugely outweighed by their eagerness to please their owner and learn new things. This, along with their playful and loving personalities, make them one of the easiest large dog breeds to train!

big dogs easy to train

Labrador Retriever

There’s a reason why the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Coming in three fur colours, these breeds are both amazing family dogs and good for first time owners. Growing to a similar size of a Golden Retriever, this breed can grow to be a reasonably large breed, making them perfect for people wanting a large dog that is easy to train!

They are playful and fun-loving, making learning through play quite effective. They also love nothing more than to please their owner, making them eager to learn and follow commands. Engage them in these games from an early age to make sure they get a great head start with training and learning to love these fun games!

This breed is known for their high intelligence, explaining their history as successful service dogs. This also makes them quick to pick up new instructions. The mental stimulation of learning these new tricks can also help to keep these intelligent pups amused!

These lovable, family loving big dogs could be your next perfect companion. They will love to please you by picking up on new tricks and commands quickly. They will also love playing games from an early age where you can teach them new things at the same time! The Labrador’s general love of food also can make training that bit easier with a tasty reward. Just make sure never to overfeed them and ask a vet for guidance on food intake! But it’s so easy to see why these lovable big dogs are one of the all time favourite dog breeds!


German Shepard

This dog breed is mostly known for it’s impressive ability to take on many jobs that help us around the world. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular breeds worldwide. They show great ability in a range of tasks from being popular choices for service dogs, rescue dogs, jobs in the military and police or simply as a great family breed. There isn’t much they can’t do! These dogs are not only large and highly vigilant, but also have one of the loudest barks of all dog breeds! 

To excel at these jobs as well as they do, they need to be extremely good at learning new orders and obeying commands. While useful in their working roles, this trait is also useful to owners who choose this breed as a pet! 

This breed is highly intelligent, making them very quick learners. This can make tasks such as house training, teaching them tricks or obedience training a faster process than with other dogs. However, their high energy and intelligence mean they require a lot of simulation to keep them content. Make sure you give them enough exercise and especially mental stimulation to make them as happy as possible! 

They are also a highly shedding breed so investing in a good vacuum cleaner is recommended if a German Shepard is the dog for you! Luckily, they are very easy to groom so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep their coat healthy.

Their impressive loyalty makes them very attached and generally protective of their family. However, while generally friendly with their own family, they may be less tolerant of other dogs. This is something that any German Shepard owner needs to be aware of. Remember, every individual dog is different! If you’re looking for a loyal and versatile companion who will love to be by your side, then the German Shepard could be the breed to suit you!


Boarder Collie

Considered to be the most intelligent dog breed there is, there’s no surprise that Collies are incredibly easy to train! However, this breed also characteristically has bundles of energy. Lucky for you, the perfect outlet for their energy can be training them new things to keep them active and stimulated! 

Historically being a working dog, Border Collies were bred to follow commands closely. If you’re looking for a dog that is also a great playmate and companion, then this breed is an ideal choice! They are very affectionate with people is trained and socialised early and also have the perk of not being the most vocal of the large dogs!

While needed a lot of energy and stimulation to keep them happy, they also do shed a reasonable amount of fur. If this trait really isn’t what your after, why not check out our best child friendly dog breeds that don’t shed (much)! The perk of their coat is that they are not too tricky to groom. So it should be reasonably easy to keep on top of this. They also have a very low potential to drool so you don’t have to worry about this when cleaning up!

They also aren’t too keen on being left alone for long and love to spend time with you. However, in the right household, these clever and affectionate dogs can be your number one companion!

high prey drive dog games

Shetland Sheepdog

The extremely friendly Shetland Sheepdog will be your most loyal companion. While they don’t like being alone, this means they will absolutely love to spend time with you and please you! This can be a great asset if you’re looking for an easy dog to train. 

While similar in appearance to the Boarder Collie in certain ways, this breed also shares the Collie’s impressive intelligence. This slightly smaller breed has a history as a watchdog to alert farmers of anyone entering their land and also as a herding dog. Their breeding history means they are sensitive to directions given by their owners. This, coupled with their intelligence, gives them a well deserved place on this list of easiest large dog breeds to train!

However, their breeding history gives them a high prey drive and also a high tendency to bark at people or other animals passing or approaching the house. While this quality makes them excellent watchdogs, their high tendency to bark may need training from a young age to control if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors too much!

However, it is important to know that Shetland Sheepdogs have a high tendency to shed a considerable amount of fur. Therefore, making sure you can clean up after them and investing in a good vacuum cleaner is definitely recommended! 


Don’t let this breed’s muscles and guard dog background fool you! This breed of working dog has taken to being a generally sweet and loving family dog in recent years. They have an extremely soft nature beneath their stocky build has been known to take people by surprise. Being generally good with children and adults alike, they are known for being loyal and having an enormous heart where their family is concerned to match their large size! 

You might be worried about training a dog of this size and build. But don’t worry, their affectionate nature, coupled with their high intelligence as a result of their breeding background, mean they are very easy to train.

Having the history of being a working dog, they retain their huge level of energy, meaning they need a lot of exercise to keep them happy! This energy also makes them great playmates for a huge variety of games. So if you’re looking for a boisterous and cheerful companion to play with, then a boxer might just be the breed for you!

However, this breed has a large potential to shed fur. But don’t worry! They are also very easy to breed, so regular brushing should help you to keep on top of this. They also have he benefit of not drooling too much. This means that you won’t have to spend too long cleaning up drool after this breed!

However, Boxers are not keen on being left alone for very long so make sure you can spend enough time with your dog if you are considering this breed! But if you are looking for a loyal and sweet dog that will love to spend time with you, then the Boxer might just steal your heart!

big dog breeds easy to train

Australian Shepard

Many working dogs are happiest without a doubt when they are completing tasks for you. And the Australian Shepard is no different! This breed is a typical herding dog, and their nature definitely reflects this! They have bundles of energy and an extremely high level of intelligence. This means that the best thing you can give to these pups is plenty of physical and mental stimulation! If you think you can provide this, then the Australian Shepard will no doubt become your most loyal and fun companion.

Because of these bundles of energy, the Australian Shepard needs enough space to burn this off such as a small garden. If they don’t get enough physical stimulation, they have a tendency to bark and become very unsettled. So make sure you can definitely provide this if you’re thinking of taking on this breed! 

They are also one of the more sensitive big dogs and will most like sticking close by your side and not being left alone for too long. Make sure you can also keep on top of grooming these pups. It’s important to remember that a fair bit of effort might be needed for keeping their coat neat and healthy.

However, their breeding history makes them extremely good with following commands. Their impressive intelligence will also allow them to pick up on these quicker than many other breeds! So if these energetic pups sound like the perfect dog for you and your lifestyle, then you can have great fun keeping them amused with learning new instructions!

big dog breeds easy to train

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a boisterous playmate or simply a loyal and family friendly companion, there is a large dog breed for you! If you make sure to choose the right breed, then it is easy to see that their hearts can also reflect their size towards you and their family. 

Many people are put off by the worry that large dogs will be more challenging to train. But don’t worry! These breeds have a generally high level of intelligence and eagerness to please you which makes training all the more easy!

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