What to Take when You Pick up Your New Puppy

what to take when you bring a new puppy home

Are you excited to bring your new puppy home but are not sure what to take when you pick them up? Look no further than our handy checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you might need for the journey home! The breeder themselves may tell you specific things or documents you may need so make sure to check with them first to make sure it all goes smoothly. Otherwise, here is our checklist of things to take when you pick up a puppy from the breeder!

Picking up a puppy is one of the most exciting days there is. This is exciting for your pup too, can also be a tough transition for them. Even though they’re going to a loving new home, it’s a big changed for them to be moved away from their mum and their siblings. This is why it’s important to make them feel as comfortable and secure on their first ever adventure home!

Making sure everything is ready back home

You’re probably eager to head off to get your new pup. But before you thinking about heading off, you first need to make sure the house is ready for your return. When you do bring your puppy home, you don’t want to be rushing out trying to remember everything they will need. The best way to settle your puppy and keep them calm is having everything already for them to explore straight away.

Puppy proofing the house can be a big job, but getting everything ready early will make sure you don’t forget anything. This will make sure you’re fully prepared before you set out to pick up your new puppy from the breeder!

  • Make sure the house is safe of hazards
  • Make sure your puppy has a space to themselves to where they can feel secure. This can be a crate or sectioned off area just for them
  • A comfortable bed for them to snooze in
  • A collar with identity tag containing your name, contact details, address and vet information
  • A clip-on lead
  • Toys and treats
  • A small food and water bowl
  • Food (ask your vet and the breeder for the best advice on what to feed your pup). It is important for you to consider the food they are currently being fed and also check their current feeding schedule with the breeder.
things to take when you pick up a new puppy

A place for them to travel in the car

A first car journey can be a very strange feeling for your pup. The most important thing is that they are secure and safe during this journey and also don’t feel too stressed. Crates with blankets at the bottom are a good option for puppies travelling in cars.

A familiar smelling blanket

This is a great idea for pups when first moved away from their mum. Ask the breeder in advance if you can give them a blanket which they can put with the mother or ask for a blanket directly from them. Take this with you when you bring your pup home. This familiar smell will help them to feel more secure on their first trip away from their first home. 

Keep it in their crate so they can smell it and sleep with it whenever they like. This will certainly make the transition to their new home easier, during the journey and while settling in.

things to take when you pick up a puppy

Treats and entertainment

Just like humans, puppies are bound to get bored on long journeys! Their first journey in particular can be pretty stressful for small pups. A great way to keep them entertained and calm is having some treats and toys for them to chew on during the journey. This will keep them occupied for a little while so that they don’t become bored or distressed. 

Some great options of the best toys are tough chew toys that your new puppy won’t be able to chew through and destroy. This will let them keep chewing happily for longer lengths of time! Puzzle toys are another great way to mentally stimulate your pup and make sure they don’t get bored. These can be treat dispensing toys which they have to move around in order to get a tasty treat reward. These can be a great entertainment on the journey and also back home!

Things for cleaning up

Some puppies are prone to accidents on their first trip home. To protect your car from any accidental incidents, make sure to place a towel under your pup to contain any mess. You’re also going to need to take some plastic bags for any clearing up, along with some wet wipes or tissues for your car. An odour neutraliser can’t hurt either for this first trip!

Preparing for the journey

It’s important to prepare for a long car journey before you leave the breeders. This can make the whole trip less eventful by preventing possible messes on the way! Take your new puppy for a short walk or play with them to tire them out a little before the trip. This will hopefully allow them to sleep for a lot of the journey, making it much less stressful and difficult for them!

This will also give them a chance to go to the loo before getting in the car. While also helping to make them feel more comfortable, it can also help to avoid potential accidents! Your puppy also likely has not been vaccinated yet, so it’s important to be very careful not to let them walk where other dogs have been. If you have to stop along the way, be sure that they won’t be walking where other dogs go. Speak to your vet about this before going to pick up your puppy for the best advice on where they can go to keep them safe.

It may also be a good idea to make sure they haven’t been fed straight before they get in the car. This can help to avoid them feeling more sick in the car which can also result in accidents.

Head Straight Home

You are no doubt incredibly excited on the day of picking up your new puppy. And it might be tempting to go and show them off to family and friends as soon as possible. But while it’s nothing but exciting for you, the first day in a new place can be seriously overwhelming for your puppy.

Try to head straight home with them (apart from any toilet stops for them in appropriate places where no other dogs have been- ask your vet for advice on this). This will minimize the stress to your new pup and help them to get as settled as possible.

When you get home, it’s going to be completely new for them! Let them explore and get used to their new surroundings in a calm environment. Don’t overwhelm them with too much fuss immediately. Instead, give them a little breathing room to get their bearings in your puppy-proofed home! This will make the transition into their new home hopefully go much more smoothly!

Final Thoughts

Picking up a puppy is one of the most exciting days there is. And you want to make it as comfortable and enjoyable for you and you new pup as possible. This is why it is important to prepare everything you will need for the big day in advance to make it go as smoothly as possible. If you want to make sure you have everything you need, think about this list of things to take when you pick up your puppy!

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